Donning Power Armour

At iklæde sig en power armour er et helligt ritual og første gang en marine får æren, er det under en ceremoni hvor der deltager både techpriests og librarians og tager mange timer.
Med ujævne mellemrum skal armouren repareres, renses og velsignes, ellers bliver dens machine spirit fornærmet.

I andre tilfælde kan, hvis assisteres af servo assistances, techpriests ect, det tage ned til ti minutter at donne en power armour korrekt.
Med hjælp fra andre (andre battle brothers) tager det ca 15 min.
Un-aidet tager det ca 40 min.

Donning kan ske hurtigere – tiden kan halveres (5 min, 8 min, 20 min), men machine spirit vil være længere om at vågne, resulterende i at følgende egenskaber er yderligere 1d10+3 runder om at fungerer:

Auto-senses: The Space Marine gains the Dark Sight
Trait, and Heightened Senses (+10 to relevant Tests) for Sight
and Sound. Input filtering provides immunity to photon flash
grenades and stun grenades. Note that these benefits only
apply whilst the Space Marine is wearing his helmet, and the
benefits from the Auto-senses stack with the benefits of the
Space Marine’s Lyman’s Ear and Occulobe implants (meaning
that Space Marines have a +20 to Sight- and Sound-based
Awareness Tests). Additionally, the Auto-Senses make the
Called Shot Action (see page 238) into a Half Action.

Osmotic Gill Life Sustainer: With the helmet on, the
armour is environmentally sealed and can maintain an adequate
oxygen supply as long as the unit is powered.

Bio-monitor and Injectors: If the internal cogitator
detects a problem with the wearer’s bio-signs, it can administer
pain suppressors, combat stimms, and anti-toxins. This provides
the following benefits:
• +10 to Tests resisting the Toxic Quality and similar
poison effects.
• The pain suppressor reservoir has a total of 6 doses,
each of which can be used to ignore Critical Effects
for 1d10 rounds. The doses may be used in succession
or staggered.
• If the wearer is Stunned, the effect lasts a maximum of one
Round before the bio-monitor detects and negates it.

Giant Among Men: A Space Marine in power armour
is Hulking. This increases his Base Movement by 1;
however, the grace afforded by his Black Carapace negates
the modifier enemies would otherwise have to attack him.
See page 134 for the full effects of Size. He still suffers the
usual penalties to Concealment and Silent Move for being
heavily armoured.

Donning Power Armour

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