Brother Lucian



Chapter: Ultramarines
Speciality: Deathwatch Apothecary
Rank: 1

History: You are a Tyrannic War Veteran, having fought in the Battle for Macragge under Captain Mikael Fabian of the Third Company(“Scourge of the Xenos”), before you were seconded to the Deathwatch. You struggled against horrid Tyranid beasts from Hive Fleet Behemoth, and thanks in part to your efforts, the Ultramarines prevailed…but at great cost.
However, the knowledge obtained of tyranid anatomy by your studious effors has proven highly effective in combating the great threat and the hard-earned expertise gained from attending to wounded and dying brothers has sharpened your skill as an apothecary. You are known to administer the Emperor’s Peace without fail or hesitation.
You are well-known to the Battle-Brothers in your Kill-team for being scientific and requiring precision in all matters. There are exact and measurable answers to every problem and they can be deduced by logic and empirical observation, by the rules set forth in the Codex.
If sacrifice, pain and suffering is required to perform suitable experiments and observations, so be it, as long as it justifies the furthering of the Emperor’s holy goals.

Chapter Demeanour: Honour the Codex
Personal Demeanour: Surgical

Brother Lucian

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