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The Jericho Reach is a region of space long lost by humanity. It has succumbed to darkness and barbarism, become infested by xenos, and is tainted by the Ruinous Powers. Once a part of the Imperium in ancient days, the Reach became an isolated branch of an already dying tree that once severed, decayed tremendously. It has only recently been found again due to the appearance of an alien Warp Gate on the edge of space between the Calixis Sector and the Koronus Expanse. The Achilus Crusade was launched through the mysterious Warp Gate and its commanders now fight a war of re-conquest. The Crusade’s enemies are varied and great and include the Imperialist Tau, the corrupt forces of Chaos and the ever-hungry Tyranid swarms. In the midst of this all exists the Deathwatch, a stalwart organization of the Imperium’s finest Space Marines.

Some amongst the Ordo Xenos believe that the Jericho Reach is the centre of a bizarre foretelling
laid down in 744.M33 by the blind prophet Satarrion.

“To the east of the Emperor’s realm lie damned worlds, a reach of cold stars and domains of death. The fires of war shall light these benighted planets, some ignited with faith, others devoured by darkness.
Foes strike from within and without, all ignorant of the Dark Patterns waiting to arise and destroy until nothing remains but oblivion.
Only those who stand watch in the depths of night may tip the balance.”

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