All missions have one or more objectives that the players must achieve in order for the Mission to be completed. An objective is a way of quantifying the success of a Mission and giving the players a set of clear goals for their characters to achieve. In keeping with the military nature of Deathwatch, objectives are typically set by the GM when the Mission is created and passed on to the characters during the Mission briefing. However, such is the fickle nature of war that objectives can often change during the course of a Mission, and the players can even come up with their own objectives.
There are three kinds of objectives, some or all of which may be present in a Mission.

These are the key objectives to the Mission that are vital for its completion. If the players do not complete their primary objectives, then the Mission is considered a failure. For this reason, when the GM sets the Mission’s primary objectives, he should keep them as simple and as broad as possible. For instance, a primary objective could be to destroy an enemy base, leaving the method of its destruction up to the players.
The players should be aware, however, that to complete their Mission, and reap any rewards as a result, they must complete their primary objectives.

Most Missions have additional objectives attached to the primary objective that reinforce the Mission’s success. For instance, if the primary objective is to destroy an enemy base, it might also come with a secondary objective to destroy the nearby enemy landing platform. Typically, secondary objectives are smaller and easier to complete than primary objectives, though they nonetheless require a degree of daring and effort on the part of the Kill-team. While completing
secondary objectives does not govern the success or failure of the Mission in the same way as primary objectives do, their completion reinforces the Mission’s success and increases the players’ rewards.

Tertiary – Targets of Opportunity
After primary and secondary objectives come tertiary objectives, also known as targets of opportunity. These are not objectives in the strictest sense and do not directly influence the completion of the core Mission. They do, however, present the Kill-team with a chance to earn more glory for themselves and further enhance their standing within the Chapter by proving their skill on the battlefield. A typical target of opportunity could be an enemy commander, a munitions supply dump, or Imperial captives. The GM should only give limited information about the Mission’s targets of opportunity during the mission briefing, leaving it up to the players to identify them during the game.


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