Going without a helmet


It is fairly common to see a Space Marine fighting in battle without his helmet, especially among those of higher rank, and many Battle-Brothers prefer to remove their headgear when there is no immediate threat. Despite the added risk to their safety, or perhaps because of it, many see this practice as an act of courage and defi ance of their enemies. The absence of a helmet does means the loss of the Auto-senses that are housed inside, so as a result, many who favour this practice utilize earpieces and ocular devices, either temporarily or grafted on as permanent bionics.

If a Space Marine is not wearing his helmet, the following effects apply, in addition to the loss of AP on the head:
Auto-senses do not function.
• Rather obviously, the suit is no longer airtight and environmentally sealed.
• The Vox Link works still, through systems built into the collar, but provides audio transmissions only.
• The character gains +5 to Fellowship-based tests.
• The character adds +5 when testing to prevent Cohesion Damage.
• At the GM’s discretion, the character may also gain +1 bonus additional point of Renown whenever Renown is awarded.

Of course, if the Kill-team does find itself in the middle of a fi re-fi ght, the Space Marine in question may decide that the only prudent course of action is to put his helmet back on as fast as possible. While the proper rituals and battleprayers for donning a complete suit of power armour take a considerable time, it is possible to replace a helmet quickly if the need is urgent. While in combat, a character can put on his helmet (or take it off, if he really wants to) as a Half Action (subtype: miscellaneous). The Auto-senses and full Vox Link will not be available until the following turn, as it takes a few moments for the Machine Spirit to fully activate after its abrupt re-awakening. Furthermore, it is necessary to observe at least some of the correct rituals if a full environmental seal is required. In this case, it will take a Full Action to replace the helmet.

Going without a helmet

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