Planetary Classification: Agri-world
Location: Orpheus Salient
Status: Possibly Infected [restricted]
Government: Planetary Governor Lord-Governor Perian Thorsholt
Military: Planetary Defense Forces

Avalos is by and large an unremarkable world, like a million others across the vastness of the Imperium. Its people toil ceaselessly under the rule of the Emperor and the guidance of the Administratum. Avalos rests on the edge of the Orpheus Salient between he Hethgard and the Well of Night, all within the environs of the Galactic Eastern Fringe.

An Agri-world, it is almost entirely given over to the production of food crops and domesticated animals, shipping vast supplies off world (mostly to feed the soldiers of nearby Achilus Crusade).

The majority of the world’s surface is a sparsely populated network of farms and orchards, mills and ranches. These are connected by a vast collection of roads, rail lines, and shipping lanes, all feeding to the world’s only major city and its only spaceport: Lordsholm.
Resting on the edge of the world’s great southern continent, the city is home to the bulk of the planet’s population and is the seat of its government, the home of its PDF garrison, and its connection to the greater Imperium.


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