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  • Galrite Haltreme

    “Emperor’s blood! Look at the size of those... TEETH!” –Last words of Galrite Haltreme, Captain of the Valiant Commander of the Sword Class Frigate [[Valiant | Valiant]] Recent History: Killed in action by [restricted] while transporting [ …

  • 117th Lordsholm PDF

    The army of Avalos is made up mostly of young men, conscripted to serve their time in the Planetary Defence Force, or PDF. Led by officers drawn from the ruling elite (of mixed abilities) their training is limited and, before the uprising, their combat …

  • Inquisitor Kalistradi

    Inquisitor of Ordo Xenos Arrived with her retinue to uncover rumours and signs of a Genestealer infestation on the planet [[Avalos | Avalos]]. Gone missing in the city of [[Lordsholm | Lordsholm]] for over a week